Celebrations can be a challenging time for families that are affected by dementia, but it doesn’t mean we should shy away from it. With Father’s Day coming up, here are some ideas about what you can get your father if he had dementia to remind him how much you appreciate him.

  1. A family photo album – bringing together lots of old photos of you and the family will be a great way to share memories and good times. Those with dementia may be able to remember plenty from their past and so it can be a nice reminder of the fun times you had when you were younger.


  1. A classic film – Old films can bring back great memories from their youth. Ask them what their favourite film is from when they were your age. If they want to watch it together why not make an evening of it and bring along their favourite snacks


  1. A trip to the cinema – Many cinemas are now holding dementia friendly screenings, such as Picture House. They play classic films in slightly brighter cinemas, everyone can move around and talk as they wish. Films such as Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Singing in the Rain, and On the Town have been big hits recently. Find out what’s on in different locations across the country.


  1. His favourite album – Music has been found to have a powerful effect on those with dementia, bringing great joy to their lives. It has also been found to stimulate positive interactions, ease stress and tension, as well as engage people with dementia, take a look at this article for more information. Why not buy their favourite album and sing together.


  1. A nature DVD – Nature documentaries are a great way to engage someone with dementia as they are highly visual and you don’t have to rely on keeping track of a story, or remembering characters. The latest Planet Earth Series or March of the Penguins are great options.


  1. Twiddlemuff – These are soft knitted hand warmers that are can keep a person with dementia warm, as well as having someone to play with, or ‘twiddle’, providing sensory stimulation. Here is how to make one yourself, but if this is not for you, contact your local dementia charity and they are likely to have some to hand out.


  1. Simple games – Games like snap, dominoes, or noughts and crosses can be fun and accessible to people with dementia. Going into your local toy store there will be plenty of choice of what designs might be the best fit for you.

We hope these ideas have been helpful to you, let us know if you have any ideas of your own and we will happily share them. If you need to speak to anyone about dementia, we have an advice line that is open 9am-6pm Monday to Friday on 01865 410 210, or take a look at the Dementia Oxfordshire website.

This blog was originally hosted on Dementia Oxfordshire website, so please feel free to contact them, or call HERE on 0300 222 5709 if you are not based in Oxfordshire