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Life with a long-term condition is complex, whether you’ve been diagnosed yourself or you’re caring for someone else.

But we’re here to make life simpler.

With HERE, all the information you need is in one place. When you call us, we’ll remember what we spoke about before so you don’t have to tell your story again and again. We’re happy to take as long as you need to work with you through the challenges you’re facing and recommend next steps.

Personal, reliable support, tailored to your needs. That’s the kind of support you deserve, and that’s the kind of support you’ll get as a member of HERE.

Learn more about membership below.

Membership features

Call us anytime

As a member, you can call the HERE helpline whenever you want and as many times as you want. We’ll take as long as you need to talk things through. If you want us to call you back, or to check up on you regularly, just ask. If you want to speak to the same person each time, you can ask for that as well.

Because we keep a record of the things we’ve talked about in the past, you won’t have to tell your story over and over again – even if the person you speak to a different member of our team.


Unlimited online access

All our online information is verified and reviewed before publishing. As a member, you can access our online information as much as you want. If you prefer a hard copy of any of our factsheets, just let us know and we’ll send you it in the post.

Subscribe to one of our factsheets to get notifications when it’s been updated. We regularly review and update all of our factsheets, and will update any that are relevant to changes in government policy or treatment options.


Access to our team of local experts

When you’re looking for support in your local area, we’ll do the research, and we’ll give you a list of relevant services and support groups that you can access.

Our experts are committed to building and maintaining a comprehensive, impartial, and up-to-date directory of services in your local area. Call us any time for suggestions on the support you can access, and details of how to get in contact with them.

Summary of features

Non-members (free) Members (£12 a year)
Phone support 1 call to the helpline Unlimited calls
Online information 5 articles a month Unlimited access
Local expertise No Yes

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Membership of HERE costs £12 a year, or £1 a month – click the button below to start the sign-up process.

It might feel odd to pay for a support service. But charging for membership is what makes the HERE service financially sustainable – it’s what allows us to promise to you that our support will always be there in the long-term. At the same time, we’ve been conscious to make membership cost an amount that people can afford.

The sign-up process is easy – the link will take you to our sign-up page, where you’ll fill out your details and make an account with us. You’ll then be taken to GoCardless for payment. More details about payment can be found on the next page:

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