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3107, 2017

HERE response – the mental health recruitment drive

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The government have proposed today that 21,000 mental health staff will be recruited in the coming years. This aims to provide support to an extra 1 million patients by 2020-21. The money will mostly be spent on recruiting therapists for adults, nurses for crisis care, and there will also be a focus on child and adolescent mental health services. As Jeremy Hunt states, it is time to end the ‘historic imbalance between mental and physical health services.’

At HERE we welcome the drive towards more support and awareness surrounding those with mental health issues. With 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health problem each year, impacting families, health services, the workplace and much more, putting greater money into services this is vitally important for the benefit of our society as a whole.

However, whilst we welcome these efforts, we also want to make two crucial points. Firstly, we hope that the public are provided with more detail about the proposed plan. How will the government be recruiting people? What are the considerations for pay, training and workplace wellbeing? We have all heard the fact that 1 in 9 (and as high as 1 in 3) nurse positions are unfilled, due […]

307, 2017

John’s Story: Life after having a stroke

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Life after having a stroke can be exceptionally challenging. At HERE, we want to speak to people who have experienced this to understand the complexities of their needs and make sure they get the support they need. So, we’ve asked John, someone who has first hand knowledge of having a stroke and living with hemiplegia* what it has been like for him.

Hi John**, can tell us a couple of things about yourself and your condition?

In 1980, at the age of 43, I had stroke causing total hemiplegia* of my left side. Following brain surgery, I was in hospital and Garston Manor Rehabilitation Centre for about 6 months where I received intensive physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

With such excellent care, the only (albeit permanent) traces of my stroke were a dropped left foot and some weakness in the left leg.

It still affects my life in lots of ways and there have been moments where my condition has declined substantially. After a fall about 10 years ago, I’ve needed more and more assistance. I am now almost completely immobilised, apart from short trips in my electric wheelchair.

What sort of things do you enjoy? Do you have any hobbies?

In addition, and […]

2106, 2017

Top tips for coping in hot weather

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Many of us hold out for a warm summer each year and enjoy the sunshine, but sometimes when it get’s too hot we can find things difficult. Here are some tips about what to do in the hot weather, take a look:

  1. Keep out of the heat – The hottest parts of the day are between 11am and 2pm. Try to stay inside during these times. If you do need to go out try to stay in the shade, wear loose fitting clothes and a hat, apply sun cream, and drink plenty of water.


  1. Drink plenty – Make sure that you drink plenty of water or diluted fruit juice to keep hydrated throughout the day. Try to avoid alcohol, caffeine and sweet sugary drinks as they won’t keep you hydrated even if they cool you down.


  1. Plan ahead –If you know that it is going to be really hot, buy in a few more bits and pieces for lunches and dinners. This will mean you don’t have to leave the house to buy food you need. Stock up and plan ahead


  1. Close the blinds – sunlight coming in through the window can be so powerful. If you […]
1406, 2017

7 Father’s Day gift ideas for your dad if he has dementia

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Celebrations can be a challenging time for families that are affected by dementia, but it doesn’t mean we should shy away from it. With Father’s Day coming up, here are some ideas about what you can get your father if he had dementia to remind him how much you appreciate him.

  1. A family photo album – bringing together lots of old photos of you and the family will be a great way to share memories and good times. Those with dementia may be able to remember plenty from their past and so it can be a nice reminder of the fun times you had when you were younger.


  1. A classic film – Old films can bring back great memories from their youth. Ask them what their favourite film is from when they were your age. If they want to watch it together why not make an evening of it and bring along their favourite snacks


  1. A trip to the cinema – Many cinemas are now holding dementia friendly screenings, such as Picture House. They play classic films in slightly brighter cinemas, everyone can move around and talk as they wish. Films such as Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, […]
1306, 2017

8 top tips for if you are brand new to caring

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As a new carer you may be feeling overwhelmed, worried you’re doing something wrong, or abit like you are facing this all alone. Here is a blog to help reassure you that you can do this and get through the early days:


  1. Learn through experience Whether you have had to become a carer quickly, or have gradually taken on more caring responsibilities over time, there is no script to learn. Remind yourself that you don’t need to know everything immediately, and you are not a bad carer if you make mistakes. Over time, you will learn their specific needs and desire, and how you can work well together and work out the best routines.


  1. Do some carers training There are often carers training sessions that run in your local community. This can be really useful to cover the basics of caring, such as communication, financial advice, and providing the best support. This is also a great way to connect to other carers in your local area. Contact HERE to find out where your nearest training session is.


  1. Find a carers group – Caring can often feel lonely and isolating, even if you are committed to the person you […]
906, 2017

Staying safe with online banking – The risks and how to avoid them

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Online banking can be very convenient, it can save you trips to the bank, make it easier to pay others and help you keep track of your money. However, there are also risks to be aware of and this blog will highlight these and give you tips on how to avoid them.

The Risks

There are numerous risks that you should be aware of when banking online. With plenty of jargon floating round online, this section aims to explain the risks in more simple terms.

  • Phishing emails These emails are scam messages from untrustworthy sources that are sent to thousands of people. They may pretend to be from your bank or credit card company and may ask for passwords, financial details or personal details. You can find out more about phishing emails on email safety here.
  • Malware This is software that is created by hackers to disrupt computer operation, or gather sensitive information. If this software gets onto your computer it may be able to send false information to your bank, or create false fields, such as ‘enter your password that you fill out unknowingly.
  • Identity theft If you get a virus on your computer, your identity may be taken by […]

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