Recent changes in government policy will allow those no longer eligible for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) to keep their mobility vehicles for a longer period of time before returning them. This news piece explores why the changes came about and what they will mean for you.

What was the problem?

When the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) became the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) people had a reassessment and many were no longer eligible for the benefits. Some of these people owned mobility vehicles provided by the Motability Scheme, a charity that worked in collaboration with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). However, when their monthly benefits were changed they were obliged to hand them back.

This was problematic for many reasons, one being that two thirds of PIP assessments were appealed and subsequently overturned, yet by this time, their much needed vehicle was long gone. Fortunately, some measures have been put in place to try and stop this happening.

What changes are being made?

Penny Mordaunt, Minister for Disabled People, acknowledged the need for changes to take place and explained in a written statement that the DWP and Motability have been working closely to explore how to help disabled people. She explained that a key focus was to support people who were in the process of appealing PIP. This is what has been proposed –

‘Today I am able to announce that Motability has kindly offered to enhance their Disability Living Allowance – Personal Independence Payments Transitional Support package to allow customers to retain the car for up to 8 weeks after their DLA payments end, a significant increase from the 3 weeks they are currently allowed…customers will also be eligible to retain their car for up to 6 months, including during the processes of reconsideration or appeal’

We welcome the changes and want to ensure that people who are rightfully entitled to their Motability vehicle can keep it. However, there is always more work to be done to make life with a disability more manageable. If you are concerned about any of these changes, or want to talk over your situation, contact HERE on 0300 222 5709.