As an employer, you’ll be aware of the effects that supporting your employees through difficult times in their lives can have on employee attendance and retention.

Some employers provide this support directly.

Others purchase an Employee Assistance Programme from a third party.

And of course – it’s important to provide general support for common challenges in life, such as moving house, relationship breakdown, or debt problems.

But when facing life with a long-term health condition, your employees need specialist support.

That’s where HERE comes in.

The challenge

Long-term conditions affect
an increasing proportion of workers

1 in 4

workers have a
long-term health condition

1 in 7

workers provide
unpaid care

Long-term conditions are more common as we age and are therefore most often associated with the elderly and retired.

But an increasing proportion of the workforce now struggle with a long-term condition such as diabetes, arthritis, dementia or heart disease. With this comes an increase in the number of people providing unpaid care for a family member or friend.

Already, 1 in 4 workers aged 18-69 struggle with a long-term condition. 1 in 7 are unpaid carers.

It is estimated that, by 2030, 40% of employees will be struggling with a long-term condition.

What your employees need

Life with a long-term condition presents your employees with a set of disparate challenges, and a whole world of care and support that they will be new to.

But with the right information – and more importantly, guidance – many of the issues that make working life harder for your employees can be overcome. To get the best out of their situation, your employees need access to high-quality financial advice, information on treatment options, advice from a specialist in independent living, a professional who is capable of providing a clear explanation of the health and social care system, and a trained counsellor to talk things through and provide emotional support when things are tough.

Unfortunately, the absence of a service that can meet all of these needs forces your employees to seek out a new service each time they face a new issue. Each time, they have to tell their story again, and again. The effort can be exhausting, and discouraging. Only the most persistent will access all of the support they are entitled to.

The solution

HERE Logo white default

HERE is a website & phone support service for people with long-term health conditions and the carers who support them.

We’re here to support your employees with all aspects of life with a long-term condition: treatment options, finances, relationships, care services, wellbeing, and more. We cover all major long-term conditions: diabetes, depression, heart disease, arthritis, dementia, and anxiety. Your employees can access our support online, or via the HERE helpline. 

How we meet your employees’ needs

A central place to ask questions,
no matter how straightforward or complex

Information about treatment options, financial planning, care options, local council support, legal considerations – these all take time to research. There is an abundance of information out there, but working out what’s relevant or trustworthy simply takes too much time and energy. Your employees could be up late every night working out how Advance Decisions work, or the difference between assisted living and a retirement village.

We’re here to make life simpler. HERE is the first service to put all of the support your employees need in one place. Our information is verified, accessible and easy to read. And our advisors are only a phone call or e-mail away if your employees can’t find the answer to their question.

Local knowledge of the services
your employees can access

Most people living with a long-term condition are not aware of the full range of support they can access in their local area. Local information online is patchy and often out of date. Yet the smallest discovery – such as a community transport scheme, or a repsite care service that can give your employees a much-needed break – can make the biggest difference.

We’re here to help your employees understand the support services available in their local area and how to access them. Our team of local experts maintain a comprehensive, impartial and up-to-date record of support services in a number of counties across the UK, and our coverage is constantly expanding. If someone comes to us for information and we don’t have it on record, we will do the research.

Proactive, not reactive, support

Your employees need someone who can spot potential problems before they become serious. Someone whose knowledge of the full picture of your employee’s life – medical, social, financial – can lead to solutions that aren’t obvious at first.

Our advisors will take as long as it needs to talk through the challenges your employees are facing and get to the root of the issue. We can arrange to call someone regularly to check up on them where it would be helpful. In the early stages of a long-term condition, we will talk with your employees about what to expect to help prepare them for potential challenges ahead.

Interested? Get in touch.

If you’d like to know more about how we can support your employees, call us on 01993 899980 or e-mail hereinfo@guideposts.org.uk.