Health professionals

Our information team has a proud history of supporting health professionals navigate local services and point their clients in the right direction. Whether you’re a GP, an OT, a support worker, a nurse, or a care path navigator, our service can help you save time and money.

With HERE, we’re bringing our information together to build a new service for professionals. This service includes all of the support we offer to individuals, plus a package of services exclusive to health professionals.

The features of this service are described below:

Exclusive to health professionals

Equipment supplier search tool

OTs and other health professionals looking for assistive equipment can use our powerful search tool to find local suppliers in Oxfordshire. This tool is powered by the Resource Handbook, a comprehensive database of equipment suppliers built by the former Independent Living Centre, now part of HERE.

Information Prescriptions

For nearly 8 years we’ve provided health professionals with high-quality “Information Prescriptions” – directories of local support services for quick reference.

We produce our Information Prescriptions to cover a county or a unitary authority. Historically we have provided dementia-specific information prescriptions, but we are now expanding to diabetes, arthritis, heart conditions, depression and anxiety.

Membership of HERE includes ongoing access to information prescriptions, with each publication updated every four months.

Support you’ll get as a member of HERE

Membership of HERE includes access to the information and advice that we provide to individuals with care and support needs. This means that by signing up to HERE, you’ll have access to a broad range of information to give to your clients:

Independent living information

Whether your client is struggling to get up and down the stairs, get in and out of the bath, or use kitchen tools, we provide clear, accessible information on the types of equipment that could help, as well as quick links to a list of local suppliers. This feature is powered by the Resource Handbook and a wide range of factsheets from Guideposts’ former Independent Living Service.

This information will be available on the HERE site from January.

Information on long-term conditions

We provide detailed advice on managing a range of long-term conditions, including dementia, diabetes, arthritis, depression, and heart disease. This includes guidance after someone has been diagnosed, basic facts about the individual’s condition, accessible guidance on what they can do to manage their symptoms, an overview of the support they can access, and advice on staying independent.

Local support search tool

We’ve built the first local support tool that frames the user’s search in the language of their needs and the issues they’re facing. You can work with your client to select any long-term conditions that apply to them, whether they’re a carer, and what they would like help with. You can refine your search based on location, as well as selecting between face-to-face support, phone support, online resources or books.

The tool will give you more personalised results than the full information prescriptions, and might suggest support you haven’t thought of.

Phone support

If you’d rather talk to someone over the phone, call the HERE helpline on 0300 222 5709 (phone lines are open 8am-8pm Monday to Friday). If you’ve got a question about independent living, you can speak to our independent living team directly by calling 01235 524857 (phone lines open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday).

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