HERE First is a brand new social enterprise from the national social care charity called Guideposts. We support people through the challenges of living with a long term health condition, and for those who care for them.

HERE First address the pressing problem of where to access specialist information and advice in a fragmented and often confusing landscape. Our role is to identify people’s needs early on, before they become more serious, and simplify the process of getting support.

By combining online information, over the phone support, and local expertise, HERE First can be an effective employer benefit to support your employees through some of the most challenging times, and to remain productive and effective members of the workforce.

The Workplace Context

  • 1 in 4 workers aged between 18-69 have a long term condition
  • 1 in 7 workers have caring responsibilities
  • It is estimated that by 2030, 40% of employees will have been diagnosed with a long-term condition.

An increasing proportion of the workplace are living with conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, Arthritis and Heart Disease, and with this comes an increasing number of people providing unpaid care for a family member or friend.

What do your employees need?

It can be a great challenge to balance living with a long term health condition, or providing unpaid caring, with working. Many people will search for support from a range of services. They may need high quality financial advice, information on health treatments, specialist advice on independent living and any equipment they need, guidance on local services, and emotional support to come to terms with their situation.

It can be exhausting to navigate the various services that provide support, and tell your story again and again. Currently, there is no information service that can support people through these broad and diverse issues. Too often this can result in your employees giving up on the search for support – or giving up on work.

Finding a solution: HERE First

HERE First is a website and phone support service for people with long-term health condition and the carers who support them. You can think of us as the “sat nav” of social care.

We offer support on treatment options, finances, relationships, assistive equipment, navigating the social care system, and wellbeing. While we offer services for anyone with a long-term condition, we also have specialist knowledge on diabetes, dementia, arthritis, heart conditions and depression.

From the moment of diagnosis through to the later stages of a condition, we are here. Through the HERE First membership of just £12 a year, we provide online advice and guidance, phone support, signposting to local services, and specialist equipment knowledge.

How HERE First can help your employees

HERE in one place

A central place to ask questions, no matter how straightforward or complex

HERE First is the first service to put all support services in one place. Here are some examples of the range of questions we can answer:

  • Information on treatment options, eg. what should I do to prepare for surgery?
  • Financial planning, eg. what will be the financial impact of going part time?
  • Care options, eg. What local support services are there for carers?
  • Wellbeing, eg How can I deal with the reality of my long term condition?
  • Your Rights, eg. What adjustments should be made at work to help me continue in work?

Our information is verified, accessible and easy to read. Our advisors are available on the phone or email if your employees can’t find the correct answer. This can take away the burden from your employees of finding the help they need.


Britain with markers 2

Local knowledge of the services your employees can access

HERE First have a extensive knowledge of local services from across the UK. People often don’t realise that support could be right on their doorstep. We can let them know about numerous services, such as:

  • A community transport scheme in can help you get to the shops on your own
  • A respite service that can give carers a much needed break
  • A local shop where you can buy specialist equipment for your conditionperson-giving-assistance(2)

Proactive, not reactive support

HERE First can spot potential problems before they become serious, and provide support from day one of diagnosis. Our advisors can build a picture from the medical, social and financial aspects of life to provide personalised support and get to the root of any issues. We can even arrange a regular call to check how you are getting on. We are here to help prepare people for any potential challenges that lie ahead.

The bottom line

Long-term conditions and caring responsibilities affect a growing portion of your workforce. Although there is a range of support out there, accessing it requires knowing where to go. HERE First provides this essential link between your employees and the support they need, and spots potential problems before they become serious.

Join HERE First today

A membership to HERE First for one person is £12 for a year and gives full access to all support online and unlimited telephone services. As a non-profit, all of this money goes back into our services to deliver the high quality support your employees need.

To find out more, visit,, or contact us today.